North Jersey Telemedicine

How It Works

How It Works

What will my doctor do during the telemedicine visit?

Your doctor will ask you a series of questions to understand your condition.

He or she will ask you to describe your symptoms and discuss your medical history.

Depending on your complaint, your doctor may conduct a virtual examination by asking you to cough, watching you breathe, or zooming in on your eyes or mouth or other body part that is causing you concern.

You'll receive instructions about next steps, which may include a treatment plan, medication prescriptions, referral for lab tests or to a specialist, or other action.

What is the fee for a telemedicine visit?

Co-pays and fees for telemedicine visits vary, depending on your healthcare insurance carrier. Your doctor's office and insurer can give you more specific information.

How can I schedule a telemedicine visit?

If you don't already have a physician, go to Find a Provider. You can find a doctor by last name, specialty or language preference. Once you select a provider, click "Book Online Now" and choose an appointment day and time.

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